Training and Workshops

Maker Training at TTLMakerspace

Our hands-on maker training provides a flexible curriculum for students interested in developing their skills in industrial design, fabrication, programming, electronics and more.

Students are able to chart their own development of core skills in design and fabrication both traditional and high-tech. Programs emphasize learning by making practical examples. Students will gain skills in project design, prototyping, and production. 

Students can continue their development by subscribing to membership in the makerspace, joining our community of creators and using the facilities to keep building their project-based skills.

Comprehensive Lathe - 4 Weeks

This class is designed for those wishing to advance their skills from novice on a wood lathe. Class sizes are small so you will get a lot of time on one of our multiple lathes. Projects will range from small fountain pens, progressing to bowls and platters with an emphasis on safety.

In-Depth Woodworking - 6 Weeks

Suitable for beginners to novice, this woodworking course is designed to teach you all that you need to get started in the wood shop, beginning with the basics and moving into more advanced techniques along the way. Students will get to make a  Cutting Board, Jewelry/Keepsake Box and one other custom project* of the student's choosing.

In-Depth CNC Prototyping - 6 Weeks

In this course you will go from beginner to a practical working knowledge of CAD modelling and CNC machining with an automated milling machine.
Starting with desktop versions of CNC machines, you’ll work your way through lessons up to the industrial Omni 1350 6’ x 8’ CNC milling machine.

Design for 3D Print - 6 Weeks

In this course at TTLMakerspace, you will go from beginner to a practical working knowledge of CAD modeling and additive manufacturing using a 3D Printer.
Using desktop 3D printers, you will learn all the insider tips and avoid the most common pitfalls experienced by people new to additive manufacturing.

Design for Laser - 6 Weeks

In this course at TTLMakerspace, you will go from beginner to practical working knowledge of designing and modeling in 2D, and the operation of a laser for etching and cutting a variety of materials.

Starting with desktop versions of lasers you’ll work your way through lessons and projects up to the industrial Omni 6090 laser cutter.

Milena - 6 Week Laser Program

Milena was looking for a new creative outlet. In six weeks, she went from having never touched a laser to producing her own custom-designed and created products.

What Kind of Training is Available?

Our mission is to provide people with practical, hands-on instruction in all aspects of making. Whether you want to build up your skills for creating a prototype, starting a business, changing your career, or supporting your organization, we offer training from experienced instructors who actively build projects and can provide practical advice.

Some of our courses teach skills in the use of traditional tools, like the Woodshop Certification, 8-week Woodworking, Lathe Workshop and more. Other courses provide training in modern computer-based fabrication techniques like the CNC Mill, Laser Cutter, and 3D printers. And some courses focus on skills in software, computer programming and electronics.

How do I Register?

Booking a course, certification, or workshop can be done online through our online booking system. You will need a credit card to complete your booking. Once complete, you'll receive a confirmation email and you'll be ready to go. Please note, some courses have specific instructions to prepare you for your best experience.

Do I Need to be a Member?

You don't have to be a member to book training at the TTLMakerspace. But you will need a membership if you wish to continue using the facilities, including the Laser, 3D Printers, or CNC Mill. You could consider supporting us with a monthly membership to gain access six days/week.

Are Refunds Available?

Refunds are available for training within two days of your purchase through online booking. Refunds are not available for membership fees.