Toronto Games Week

Free Open Event!

“Games Made Open”

Thank You for Coming!

On June 16, the TTLMakerspace hosted Toronto Games Week with the theme “Games Made Open”. Thank you to everyone who came out to learn about open-source, and participate in one of the many workshops. We hope you had an amazing time.

Ready, Set, Godot!

Speed-run creating your first game in the fully open-source game engine Godot!

In this session, you’ll make a working platformer game and get familiar with the most important features of this powerful creation tool.

  • Minimal experience necessary
  • Good for young adults/grownups (not for young kids)
  • Involves light coding (with help)
  • Computers provided, or bring your own

Schedule: Session 1: 11am – 2pm, Session 2: 2pm-5pm

FreeCade Arcade Build

Join in on a fun design workshop to use the open-source software FreeCad! Make and laser-cut your very own mini arcade cabinet. In this instructor-lead workshop, you’ll get a feel for designing in CAD, and take your design right into production using our in-house laser cutting service.

  • Beginner friendly
  • Computer work (CAD)
  • Guided laser operation

Schedule: Session 1 11am-2pm

Make a Game Cartridge

Do you love retro-gaming and days of classic game carts? In this workshop, make and flash your own Gameboy game on a cartridge with GBStudio, free open source software!

  • Beginner friendly – no code needed!
  • Please bring a laptop (if possible)
  • Plan for a full hour to complete

Schedule: Session 1, 11am, 1pm, 3pm

Intro to Blender

Try our the amazing open-source 3D Modelling software everyone is talking about. Drop in for an introduction and try your hand with the help of Gavin, digital artist and instructor at Ontario Technical University.

Schedule: Session 1, 11am

Writing a New World

The writing workshop hosted by Tanya Kan (Solace State, @vividfoundry) emphasizes designing for positive change and care that you want to see in the world, guided by writing prompts. The workshop will also engage with the challenges with promotional channels, where social media can amplify negative self-image, perfectionist expectations, the infringement of artist and writers’ rights, and the devaluation of creative labour due to the proliferation of non-consensual ‘Gen-AI’. No computer required, just bring paper, pen, and your curiosity!

  • Pen and Paper required

Schedule: Session 1, 4pm-6pm

Play The Mini-Arcade

Enjoy the custom-made mini-arcade featuring Pico8 and Godot games!

Schedule: All Day

Cartoons & Cereal Breakfast Festival

Our homage to a much-loved event of Toronto Gaming yester-year – Gamercamp!

Schedule: 9am – 11am

Stickers ‘n Buttons

Custom-made memorabilia for your awesome time at Toronto Games Week!

Schedule: All Day

NextGen Showcase

A curated showcase, handpicked by an esteemed international curator, featuring games crafted by emerging talents in Toronto’s vibrant game development scene. Immerse yourself in an evening of extraordinary gaming experiences accompanied by delectable appetisers. Supported by Epic Games Education.

Schedule: 7pm – 9pm – OPEN TO PUBLIC